OMICOM professional sattelite DVB-S2 receivers

PCI: $168,00

Pro Omicom 16/32 APSK PCTV card.

Pro OMICOM DVB-S2 PCI PRO 16/32 ACM VCM omc-systems
Pro Omicom PCI v.3 16/32 APSK is a Professional level (DVB-S2 16/32PSK ACM VCM) digital satellite TV Tuner card with PCI interface.
DVB-Pro PCIe supported CCM, ACM, VCM, Multi Input Stream, 16APSK, 32APSK. EumetSat DATA /EUMETCAST supported.

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Pro Omicom 16/32 APSK PCIe pack.

Pro OMICOM DVB-S2 PCIe omc-systems
Pro Omicom 16/32 APSK PCIe card is a Professional level ( DVB-S2 16/32 PSK ACM VCM) digital satellite TV Tuner card for PCIe interface. OMS DVB-Pro PCIe supported CCM, ACM, VCM, Multi Input Stream, 16APSK, 32APSK. EumetSat DATA/ EUMETCAST supported.

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Weather Services.


EumetSat's software runs on the OMICOM's DVB S2 mini Station. Access to data on TV smartphone or touchpads.
Allows installing the device closer to the antenna.
Only one USB key needed.
Does not require a powerful PC for receiving Eumetsat Data .

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Omicom S2 PCI v.4 Budget PCTV card!

OMICOM DVB-S2 PCI summer sales

Omicom S2 rev. 4 - Hot price Satellite PCTV card.
PRO grade OMICOM satellite TV card!

New Europe sale price!
ONLY 68,99!

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OMC-SYSTEMS Inc. founded in 1998. The business focused on telecoms market in Russia (Telecom and IPTV Providers, Satellite and Cable Operators). Today the company represents a team of highly qualified professionals with excellent knowledge of hardware that is essential for development of up-to-date solutions (DVB S2 PCI cards, STB, gateways, IP networks, ect.) Nowadays OMC SYSTEMS is a company headquartered in Moscow, Russia. OMC-SYSTEMS developed and manufactured DVB and IPTV devices: DVB PC products, STB for DVB-T2 and DVB-S2; IP STB based on Android, Linux and Windows Embedded. Professional receiver equipment from IPTV, DVB-S2 and Gateways.Flexible IPTV middleware and billing integrations.

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  • " Overall you have a really great piece of hardware there. Next to the other PCI cards I have , your board is a lot more elegant and your driver API is perfect."
    Simon Bond, SichboPVR.
  • "This adapter is well tested and works fine"
    bonou2, forum Premium Member, Rumania
  • " A further PCI card from Omicom is known about, but tests show it to be very sensitive to RF signal level."
    David Taylor about EUMETSAT Data-service compability,, UK


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